fuckin exams

the last days, i had no time at all. all day reading and writing for exams. but, tomorrow is the last fucking day. yeahyyyyyyy.
so, for now, only some photo's features (don't forget to press on each foto & name for more fotos):
~ Guillaume Lechat, 26 years old, parisian photographer. projects at los angeles and australie. nice color and and black & white fotos.

~ Scarlett Hooft Graaftland from Netherlands splitting her time in between amsterdam and nyc. surealistic and contemporar fotos of her interventions in desert-like locations.

~ series of Khristian Mendoza called transparency.

~ a very nice collection of black & white fotos, most of the times kind of oldy, and with a retro touch.

~and here, some nice colors from the beloved Lc-A.

clock is ticking, time to go back to my books.



today's feature is Collider. a Sydney based design and film company that covers a whole range of creative fields from typography to animation direction, branding, art direction and web. As a company, Collider has generated a lot of attention for both its commercial and personal work. well-deserved for sure. the 1st video, 'we have decided not to die', is an awarded short film.
they have made video clips for blur, phoenix, digitalism, placebo, pet shop boys and many more. the really amazing though is that every single one, is different from the other. they orrientate to the style of each band. even some tracks sound better, become more beautiful. my two favourite are : unkle-reign & sia-breathe. u have to check their site (a well designed one). as i did, and end up looking for long time. so, they are really, really, really, really, really, really amazing.



new album from the boats, and here comes a surprise. new sounds and new territories. i have bumped into them, while discovering the moteer label. their previous albums have leaning toward classic genres and melodies with experimental elements. now they seem to base on their 'tradition' and create soundscapes of deep tech & techno. 4-to-4 rhythm, deep melodies and voice of Chris Stewart’s, all painted with an almost acid character. this is 'words are something else'.
thanks to monsieur hulot for the recommendation. .



surely not the best and more interesting songs from 'fight like apes' & 'valerie francis', but the music videos. both directed by Ireland based visual artist/film-maker, Eoghan Kidney, are really inspiring. u have to watch then. both.


second personal 7'' from the triangle London's group, 'we have band'. and this is the official music video. directed by David Wilson in collaboration Fabian Berglund and Ida Gronblom (from Wieden & Kennedy). this is a video stop frame animated by 4816 still images (& here u can see all the fotos in high resolution). interesting work.

Sébastien Schuller

time to see me here. but this is a fucking exams period.
i started one week ago and i'll finish at 1st of july. i wish i could close my eyes, and open them then. but this can't happen, at least not in the real world. damn. today, i find some free time for me, and i am all over the net. and find some real good stuff.
one of them, is a french guy, Sebastien Schuller and his album evenfall, released by 'green united music'. Sebastien will surprise you pleasantly with his enha-
ncing sounds of acoustic and natural resonance with touches of electronica. Agnes Montgomery is responsible for the great artwork of the cd. if u don't know who is this amazing collage artist, take a look at the stunning album cover of panda bear-person pitch.


the Bristol museum closed the doors, and let Banksy free to interfere with the exhibits and create his own. it seems great. watch the official clip of the exhibition.



ένας απέραντος διάδρομος μ' ενώνει με σένα
ένα τρένο που χάνεται σ' ένα σχεδιάγραμμα
κι ο απόηχος ενός ανθρώπου σε κάδρο
να κοιτάζει τον κόσμο μέσα απ' τα μάτια ενός άλλου
του είπε "πες μου, πες μου τι βλέπεις;"
Ο πατέρας μου ήταν εργάτης
η μάνα μου φρόντιζε τα παιδιά και το σπίτι
συνηθισμένα πράγματα
έπρεπε να πάρω τη ζωή στα χέρια μου
κι όταν έφτασα εκεί που ήθελα
είδα πως τίποτα δε μου ανήκει
ούτε καν εσύ
και με τα χρήματα τι μπορώ πια ν' αγοράσω;
κάθε εικόνα είναι προέκταση μιας άλλης
η ελευθερία μου είναι η αλυσίδα ενός άλλου
κι απ' όλα τα σπίτια που διασχίσαμε κανένα δεν ήταν δικό μου
δεν έχω τίποτα
μένει μόνο να περάσω αυτά τα σύνορα
με οποιοδήποτε τρόπο
και θ' αγαπήσεις μαζί μου τον ανοιχτό ουρανό
γιατί η γη είναι πιο όμορφη από εμάς

. . Stereo Nova-Atlas . .



3 kids from Usa, Carson Lund, Dylan Vukelich, and Erik Lund. recording their first album, alive in winter, all alone. although they have no label, they sound like pros, like the job is done in one of the best studios. trumpet, keyboard and piano compose a great atmosphere. Carson with his voice and effects on the vocal can be compared with cold war kids, but to be honest, these kids are better, or far from better. influences from radiohead, coldplay to sigur ros & band of horses, an album u have to listen.



~ Benoit Paillé, a self-taught photographer, with vivid colors & great compositions, nice portraits and some good series. more, here and here.

~ Jolijn Snijder, photographer & creative director of ilovefake magazine. here for his photos, and in any case, check his black & white photos.

~ here is a nice set with polaroids, mostly with expired films. and by the way, polaroid is saved. an Austrian artist & businessman named Florian Kaps, the owner of Polanoid.net, working together with Ilford to produce film of two exposure types, each compatible with both the classic SX-70 cameras and the modern 600 series. hell yeah.


this time i want to mention some artists. found them here, around the 'net'.
~ first, Alex Asher Daniel. 'playing around' with several mediums, but recently he had a painting exhibition in nyc. searching for his site, but google denied to help me, so check here.
~ here is Alvvino, a surrealistic illustrator with great power. this is my personal favourite. check his site for more . .
~ Non-Format is the creative duo Kjell Ekhorn and Jon Forss. they work on a range of projects including art direction, design, illustration and custom typography. they worked for a lot of known firms, such as nike or lg, and they have art directed the wire magazine.

~ last, go here for an interview of Holis Brwon Thornton. very interesting and inspiring artist using and combining much different techniques, from abstract's earlier works to more recent collages and still lives.



In September 2008, architects Filipe Balestra and Sara Göransson were invited to India to design an Incremental Housing Strategy. That is to develop slums into permanent urban districts through a process of continuous improvement to existing dwellings instead of demolition and rebuilding. As, they found it essential to work for the ones who cannot pay.
They developed 3 basic prototypes of 270 sq foot area, with the principal idea that "neighbors remain neighbors, local remains local". Also, each family can help with the construction process, customize each building and choose the one they like.
House A is a two story home, but structured like a 3 story home to ensure safety in future extension.
House B has a big ground floor, which is left open for either parking or for the family to turn it into a shop.
House C has a big middle floor, to hang clothes or to be used like a living room.
The strategy strengthens the informal and aims to accelerate the legalization of the homes of the urban poor. As the 1/3 of the world's urban population lives in slums, Filipe, Sara & Sparc try to implement this strategy in other countries with similar needs, such as Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, Philippines . .


something old this time. not so old, really. one year back. koushik & out my window. i had listened it some months ago, and the next moment it was deleted. don't know why, but i wanted to give it a second chance. and the timing couldn’t be better. palettes of flutes, harpsichords, mellotrons & ethereal singing create a sound of pop, hip hop, nostalgically looking to the past, but also to the future. it's the sound of koushik, offering a point of departure. turn the volume ooooon.



the horrors. again.and again. every single time, getting better. perhaps one of the best releases of 2009 until now..