Although Pále is just 18, he has already built up this quite distinct aesthetic. Using his own sampled sounds, deep and heavy basses, and textured drums with live instruments, he creates a really deep and underground atmosphere with lots of sharp edges. The atmosphere that can make u feel, make u think, but also dance.
Being noticed from the “bigger” names like Benga, and having forthcoming releases across multiple labels, he is a guy to pay attention in the future. Visit his soundcloud for more sounds, and his facebook for more infos.

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electronic pop music from austra, a maximalist approach with strong, sinewy vocals and industrial and tremendous drums. a new era of goth?



surrender from the album innundir skinni, is a hushed acoustic song by the icelandik folk songtress Olof Arnalds and Bjork.



happy birthday to me,fuckers..



nicolas jaar was born in nyc. he moved to chile, only to come back as a teenager. he started making music really young, at the age of 14. his first release, at 17, the student Ep on Wolf n Lamb Music. he continued with new eps and gigs at berlin, brooklyn and mexico city. and now he is studying at brown university in rhode island. but me, i discovered this guy just these days. the reason? his first album, space is only noise. a really tremendous album, and just at the age of 20. this guy has created his own soundscape (like burial has done). haunted by mulatu astatke, ricardo villalobos.. his music sounds like erik satie is composing urban dance music now. dance music with no labels. dance music for everyone. music to make u think. to make u crawl all these nights you walk alone surrounded by people in the nights, just drowning deep inside into ur thoughts. no matter what is happening around you. no rescue.
simplicity. deconstruction. motion. pauses. breaths. delight. memories. dolour. music


01. Caribou-Swim

caribou, formerly manitoba, is responsible for the best album of 2010. new album, and new directions. he is evolving his sound and trying to give his songs a sort of flexible flow not often seen in dance music. stressful and stripped vocals with less reverb and special effects, a result of the collaboration with junior boys' greenspan, leads the album in a more minimalistic, early techno and electronic way. picks of the album: oddesa, an adhesive track with tremendous rhythm and recognizable vocals and bassline, sun, almost ecstatic, hannibal, floor-killer song with powerful bassline and a melody reminding paul kaklbrenner songs, and for the end, jamelia, with luke lalonde chorus vocals, an emotive and atmospheric closer. moreover, one of the best live performances of the year, full of noise, energy, mood and colors.an evolutionary songwriter and a leading artist. the most distinctive release of this year.


07. Efterklang-Magic Chairs

i haven't listened this album as i should have done. i haven't given to it the attention it deserves. all these changed after their live performance in athens. efterklang mark the start of a new chapter with their third album and first at 4AD. they are moving forward from their classical and post-rock sounds to a more pop soundscape. any narrative is fractured, the songs standalone, constructs shorn of company and context. beautifully orchestrated, with strings, guitars, bass, harp, violins, cellos, trombones, flutes,vocals and percussion, anything u can imagine, compose the new pop and more rhythmic sound. it couldn't be nothing more, after their tremendous previous album parades, an outstanding album meeting all the expectations. and if u are wondering about their live in athens: they succeeded, from a stage that couldn't fit them, to excite almost everyone. a concert that will remain in my mind for long time, for my big, awkward smile on my face and the whispering vocals on my way out. that is a musical bond, what music is all about at the end.

08. Arcade Fire-The Suburbs

there is no much to say about this band. u know the deal. they are fuckin awesome. i don't think there is even a point to write some words as everyone is talking about this album. just that in the beginning i didn't like it so much, but after some more and 'careful' plays in my list it won me. you can feel that it is just a step below their previous two releases, but it sounds like arcade fire, and fucking yeah, we do like it.. and by the way, don't even think to miss the chance to see them live. they are fantastic, one of the best bands playing live now.