winter is coming here in kos.
weather is changing. the first raindrops, the first really dark grey clouds are real. that's why i am feeling better. i am more of a winter guy, i think. watching clouds leaving, raindrops falling. spending more time alone. listening to more and more music. stuff like Hood-Cold House, Notwist-Neon Golden, The Middle East-The Recordings Of Middle East seem to fit my mood more now. too romantic eeh?
i was never good at writing. cause i didn't have the guts? too shy maybe? but these days, i have the 'want'. i want to write, to scream all my thoughts. and i think all the time, all the fucking time.

Hood-You Show No Emotion At All
Can we walk in hope
Into another new year
Just to cast away the ghosts
Or to have the time to again
You said hold on to dreams
But I know you don't try
Cos you're innocent I know that you won't survive
I heard the phone ring
So late at night that I
I thought someone had died
Someone had died
But your voice was full of hope
Like it was on better days
On clear mornings when the rain had left the sky
I can't stand the thought of you alone
Don't try to get close to
Us because there's nothing
But our souls laid bare
Will we survive
I know we will

winter is coming, weather is chaning, and i hope that i won't change in here. i don't want to change.



it's been time since the last time i wrote something here. thinking it's the period that we call between-seasons. in july i finished the exams of my school and for one week of sleepiness i was working for my main project. two weekly trips with friends, some good shots with my lc-a, and then comes the 17th of august. army time, obligatory in greece. and here is where shit comes. taking orders, no time out, and 'all the strange people of the world'. like not fitting with anyone. hopefully i have music, books, and series. and much time to think and speak with myself.
when i have created the blog, i was thinking to use for the header, one phrase from a song that has stuck in my mind for days. now, i 'have' the meaning and is on repeat for hours, days..
i am talkin about you, you, you.
i am talkin about you, you, you. some people always gonna break my heart.
from now, i'' try to be more updated. here are some albums that i am listening now:
-the xx-xx
-the raveonettes-in & out of control
-flaming lips-embryonic
-motorama-bear ep, motorama-horse ep & manicure-s.t. (reviving joy division's sound)