what if global warm leads to a flooded London? then images are optimistic and reveal that humans will adapt to changed landscape & floods will bring a much-improved way of life . .
photos are part of London Festival of Architecture 2008. the award-winning media production studio Squint/Opera has imitated some of the techniques of the super-idealistic Victorian landscape painters, and have used a combination of photography, 3d modeling and digital manipulation to present unique visions of a tranquil utopia in a familiar, yet drastically altered landscape.

*thanks to savina for the link.



it's been days now that i've bumped on this project. multitouch-barcelona. each time i see one of their video, i want to make a post. but i am bored of writing all the 'muble muble'. this night, i am more bored of reading about my exams, and i am doing everything else but reading. damn " 'water' course". so, as they claim: multitouch-barcelona is a recently born interaction design group that explores natural communication between people and technology. we design experiences that merge real and digital into a creative environment where people are invited to touch, play, move, feel as they do in the real world. work to mention: an interactive art installation, for the red bull music academy 08 & the participation to openroom of OFFF in 2008. think this project will match perfectly with the live of animal collective.
their last project called 'HI', is a real human interface. music by lullatone. genius and unique stuff.



~ dan witz. nice street & not only artist. check.

~ new kid on the block.only for greek speaking people. πάτα εδώ, για να ξεκινήσεις. με έναν εφιάλτη.


quit the damn thing.
more more more more more, here . .



the prologue video from "offf", a festival for the post-digital creation culture from Portugal.
roots: the heart of the festival. the main stage where presentations, keynotes and live performances take place. artists like Alva Noto, Fennesez, Atom, Chris Milk ..
loopita: the place for experimental electronic sounds, an area to listen to live performances of electronic music by the most important and innovative names in the international digital scene .
openroom: the area for the new names in the digital scene who are developing inspiring independent projects on the web or through digital technologies.
cinexin: screening room showing the OFFF Film Festival selected films, special sessions, animation, motion graphics, microfilms.
showplace: the main exhibition of the festival, where the audience has the chance to explore and interact directly with the latest projects.



~a 3d movie created by three students, Aurélien Martineau, Etienne Métois, Moana Wisniewski from Supinfocom Arles in 2008. a story about a sailor on an aircraft & an unexpected visitor, a kite. stunning work with camera, color, contrast and sound.
~a part of F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival created by Shilo. nice idea, great detail with cool background music.
~an experimental narrative from William Campbell, about our constant hunt for perfection and the more distorted our memory becomes, while chasing it.

~press here to see musicians play music with their brains while led by "an emotional conductor" .



while listening to Apparat's album, 'things to be frickled', i remember one cool video of him.
want to see him live. now . i mean now now. anybody out there????
eeeeeeyh. waiting for my 'new' used Lomo LC-a . . don't forget to mention: ebay rulez, yeahyyyy



Fever Ray, one half of The Knife, releases her debut self-titled album on Mute. Give it a try. . It might 'reward' u.



~New collaboration. Wolf Club is Burial & Four Tet, two of the most innovative & beloved producers are together. And they bring us a single 12" with two tracks. Two tracks, full of emotion & urban atmosphere. U can listen music elements from both of the producers, such as tribal rhythms, building melodies, deep end female's vocals. My personal choice? Moth is just a killer. On repeat for the last hour. Is released by "text recordings" & here u can preview it.
~photos are from a great French artist, called C215. His stencils from all around the world (brooklyn, berlin, athens, new delhi, sao paolo, ..) have something revolutionary, something that moves u. Be sure to check out more of his work at flickr.

Σύνδεσμος~at last check this video, a really nice piece of art:


This is the cultural museum in Mexico, the Tamayom museum, designed by Rojkind Arquitectos and BIG (Copenhagen architects). It will be a kernel of education and culture - locally, regionally, and internationally- that will be overlooking the city from a big roof on the top of the building, which 'fits' perfectly to the topography of the area. The whole idea is a cube that is unfolded, and creates a lot of big spaces, which provide artists with the maximum freedom of expression and also plenty of natural lighting. For more infos & photos go here . .