08th of may and about 11.15 efterklang are on the little stage of rodeo, a stage that could not fit them all (heather broderick behind a column, and thomas kirirath husmer literally in the stage). and as the last time, one year and a half ago, they succeeded to excite almost everyone playing songs from 'parades', 'tripper', 'under giant trees' and the new album 'magic chairs'. a concert that will remain in our thoughts for a long time, because there are few bands, counted in one hand, that come with the mood to play live in greece, and not just to do us a favor. and from their side, they seemed to really enjoyed the concert, especially rasmus stolberg, with his stage diving while he was playing/drinking. that is what we call a bond. and that's what counts in the end of the evening. a big, awkward smile on your face and some whispering vocals in the way out. a great concert after all.
what music is all about . .



and here comes the forthcoming album no2. Matthew Berringer, and the brothers, Aaron and Bryce Dessner and Scott and Bryan Devendorf, with their 5th album. it has nothing to envy from boxer or alligator, as their sound has evolved. behind the production is again peter katis, and for those who don't remember, he is responsible the production of Interpol's first album (turn.on.the.bright.lights). eleven tracks that you can't stop listening. simple, minimal and dense compositions, imposing drums, rough romanticism, Berringer's expressive vocals and lyrics like little scenes from movies. have nothing more to say, just puss the play button. and maybe is early to say so, but in top-5 list for suuuure.