In September 2008, architects Filipe Balestra and Sara Göransson were invited to India to design an Incremental Housing Strategy. That is to develop slums into permanent urban districts through a process of continuous improvement to existing dwellings instead of demolition and rebuilding. As, they found it essential to work for the ones who cannot pay.
They developed 3 basic prototypes of 270 sq foot area, with the principal idea that "neighbors remain neighbors, local remains local". Also, each family can help with the construction process, customize each building and choose the one they like.
House A is a two story home, but structured like a 3 story home to ensure safety in future extension.
House B has a big ground floor, which is left open for either parking or for the family to turn it into a shop.
House C has a big middle floor, to hang clothes or to be used like a living room.
The strategy strengthens the informal and aims to accelerate the legalization of the homes of the urban poor. As the 1/3 of the world's urban population lives in slums, Filipe, Sara & Sparc try to implement this strategy in other countries with similar needs, such as Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, Philippines . .