fuckin exams

the last days, i had no time at all. all day reading and writing for exams. but, tomorrow is the last fucking day. yeahyyyyyyy.
so, for now, only some photo's features (don't forget to press on each foto & name for more fotos):
~ Guillaume Lechat, 26 years old, parisian photographer. projects at los angeles and australie. nice color and and black & white fotos.

~ Scarlett Hooft Graaftland from Netherlands splitting her time in between amsterdam and nyc. surealistic and contemporar fotos of her interventions in desert-like locations.

~ series of Khristian Mendoza called transparency.

~ a very nice collection of black & white fotos, most of the times kind of oldy, and with a retro touch.

~and here, some nice colors from the beloved Lc-A.

clock is ticking, time to go back to my books.