today's feature is Collider. a Sydney based design and film company that covers a whole range of creative fields from typography to animation direction, branding, art direction and web. As a company, Collider has generated a lot of attention for both its commercial and personal work. well-deserved for sure. the 1st video, 'we have decided not to die', is an awarded short film.
they have made video clips for blur, phoenix, digitalism, placebo, pet shop boys and many more. the really amazing though is that every single one, is different from the other. they orrientate to the style of each band. even some tracks sound better, become more beautiful. my two favourite are : unkle-reign & sia-breathe. u have to check their site (a well designed one). as i did, and end up looking for long time. so, they are really, really, really, really, really, really amazing.