10. Four Tet-There Is Love In You

after a lengthy absence of an album release, four tet is back with a great album. it is not at the same level as his previous classic albums like rounds, but it is still top class. this album works best taken whole, rather than broken into individual tracks. it's both head and physical, subtle but powerful music for thinking and moving or ideally doing both in the same time. u can come around everything in this album: metalic guitars, deep or dark melodies, bass and beats that are endlessly unfolding, kids' laughing and whatever else u can imagine as long as u are searching for it. before you notice it, this album will have come to its end, and u will need more. this is the moment you will understand that it has a lot to give you as a lot of hidden elements are waiting to unfold. it is like back then at coronet theater, when he was playing developing tracks in his set, waiting for our respond and reaction, and returned to us armed with his soundscapes and 'information'. four tet has understood the simple power of sound.