09. Gonjasufi-A Sufi and A Killer

a sufi and a killer, the debut release of gonjasufi at warp records. a lot of mystery and rumors were spreading around his name on the first months of previous winter, while warp trying to promote him with an awkward way: sufi said / says / will say. production by flying lotus and gaslamp killer and expectations are rising to the highest level. eastern melodies, dub and aggressive sounds, unsound hip hop, a taste of psychedelic elements, and final his expressive and individual vocals compose his unique sound. this album has accompanied me many many times this year and if it wasn't for his shitty live at bios at athens, acting like a retarded, it would be much more higher. sufi said: in order to get the conviction behind the words, it took 30 years of a lot of frustration and despair...continual tests of faith. Day to day struggling. Bottled-up energy, then all o a sudden, the way it came out seemed perfect..it kept flowing. Continually flowing out of me." If anything I would pray that people find the ability to find themselves in the music."