16. LCD Soundsystem-This is Happening

the new album of james murphy lands at the 16th place. a lot of things have been said about this album, either that it is boring and poor or that it is similar with his two previous works. its place in my top 20 could be emotional, and even if it is, i don't care. this is happening could lack previous albums' sense of mapping out new territories, but it still does it all incredibly fuckin well. it embraces a wide selection of musical directions that glance back at the past while maintaining a direct footprint in the present days. he is making music by blending the pulse of techno and energy of indie. but now more than ever, he confirms that he is a top vocalist/lyricist capable of mixing heavy, self-deprecating and meaningful lyrics. this post finds me ill, melting myself into pieces with high fever, but i am listening this track as loud as my flatmates can stand, hoping that it can be my remedy.