12. Warpaint-The Fool

i've come across the all-female quartet from LA one year ago, listening their exquisite corpse ep. their debut album, the fool, lacks the ep's melodic blows, but neither does it suffer for that. hypnotic rhythms, fragile lyrics by the dreamy voice of co-leader emily kokal and majestic guitars and basses which balance somewhere between psychedelia and shoegaze. the production, some times low-fi, other moment vast and shimmering, always is submerging listener beneath surface, dragging him deep down to their mood. their music is wandering through desert plains and darkened streets. it's by no mean instant. it isn't the easiest album to listen and love. but u have to give to it a couple of listens, and then it starts to unveil in front of you. like it did to me and it climbed to the to middle of the list.