07. Efterklang-Magic Chairs

i haven't listened this album as i should have done. i haven't given to it the attention it deserves. all these changed after their live performance in athens. efterklang mark the start of a new chapter with their third album and first at 4AD. they are moving forward from their classical and post-rock sounds to a more pop soundscape. any narrative is fractured, the songs standalone, constructs shorn of company and context. beautifully orchestrated, with strings, guitars, bass, harp, violins, cellos, trombones, flutes,vocals and percussion, anything u can imagine, compose the new pop and more rhythmic sound. it couldn't be nothing more, after their tremendous previous album parades, an outstanding album meeting all the expectations. and if u are wondering about their live in athens: they succeeded, from a stage that couldn't fit them, to excite almost everyone. a concert that will remain in my mind for long time, for my big, awkward smile on my face and the whispering vocals on my way out. that is a musical bond, what music is all about at the end.