08th of may and about 11.15 efterklang are on the little stage of rodeo, a stage that could not fit them all (heather broderick behind a column, and thomas kirirath husmer literally in the stage). and as the last time, one year and a half ago, they succeeded to excite almost everyone playing songs from 'parades', 'tripper', 'under giant trees' and the new album 'magic chairs'. a concert that will remain in our thoughts for a long time, because there are few bands, counted in one hand, that come with the mood to play live in greece, and not just to do us a favor. and from their side, they seemed to really enjoyed the concert, especially rasmus stolberg, with his stage diving while he was playing/drinking. that is what we call a bond. and that's what counts in the end of the evening. a big, awkward smile on your face and some whispering vocals in the way out. a great concert after all.
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