it's been days now that i've bumped on this project. multitouch-barcelona. each time i see one of their video, i want to make a post. but i am bored of writing all the 'muble muble'. this night, i am more bored of reading about my exams, and i am doing everything else but reading. damn " 'water' course". so, as they claim: multitouch-barcelona is a recently born interaction design group that explores natural communication between people and technology. we design experiences that merge real and digital into a creative environment where people are invited to touch, play, move, feel as they do in the real world. work to mention: an interactive art installation, for the red bull music academy 08 & the participation to openroom of OFFF in 2008. think this project will match perfectly with the live of animal collective.
their last project called 'HI', is a real human interface. music by lullatone. genius and unique stuff.