While watching a video, discovered on net yesterday, i remember an artist that I admire much. Aus, Yasuhiko Fukuzono from Tokyo, is now 26 years old and has already released 7 albums. I 'discovered' him, while i was trying to find all the releases of "moteer" (the label of my beloved Manyfingers). The album that i listened first was Curvelands and it was love at first sight. He loves to re-discover and re-invent the nature of the sounds around him, over and over again. "It gives birth to new nature by changing the nature" quoted by this quirky composer.
I have to mention that he is not only a musician, but also a video artist. So far, he has crafted some of his most beautiful compositions for 6 films and short movies shot by Takafumi Tsuchiya.
An artist to follow. Check him for sure.